The fifth VTB United League All-Star Game was not just a sporting event, but also a daring experiment with a modern interpretation of the immortal tragedy by W. Shakespeare. A modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s immortal tragedy, “Romeo and Juliet.

Multimedia comix show using 3D video projection with synchronized laser set-up.

Perfect combination of music sound and light — we producing emotions for this basketball musical.

Collaboration: Comix styled 3d mapping show musicle made with basketball assotiations LIGA VTB and BUBBLE Comics.

Content design. Stage design. 3D Mapping. Projection.

BUBBLE Comics. Romeo and Juliet

A voice-over chorus, original music, stunning lighting effects, and elaborate circus acts. The feud between the two basketball houses, the heat of the sports struggle, intrigue, passion – all in the language of comic books. But the main thing that remains unchanged is the love of two young people. Pure and beautiful.

Scene 3: Introduction of the characters
Romeo: Basketball player. The son of the head of the Monteki clan.
Juliet: Captain of the cheerleading squad. Daughter of the head of the Capulet clan.

Scene 4: The First Conflict
Streetball court, game, ghetto, fight.


Scene 5: Training for Monteki
The coach is coaching the Monteki team. Secretly from the coach, the team decides to go to the Capuletti party, as there will be many cheerleaders there.

Scene 6: Capuletty Training
Cheerleading team practice. Juliet learns from social media that Paris wants to hit on her at the party.

Scene 7: The Capulet House Ball
A team of Montagues dressed up approach the Capulet Tower. Tybalt discovers that the Montagues have sneaked into the party. Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time at the Capuletti house party.

Scene 11: In the coach’s closet
Romeo comes to the coach’s office. The coach takes it upon himself to help Romeo with the wedding. They make an agreement
that they will be married tomorrow.