Digital crafted collection

Collaboration: SUPERVISUALS x Felipe Fiallo is innovative ideas are the result of a deep research of sustainable practices like circular economy, social inclusion, the use of biomaterials combined with groundbreaking technologies, digital fashion summing into wearable and comfortable footwear pieces.

It is more than a collection, it is a wake-up call for action, the result of a deep research process on new technologies, circular economy, new materials, social inclusion and industry 4.0 to reinvent fashion while respecting the planet.

Revolutionary and smart – collection has the perfect balance of different worlds, as growing materials, innovative crafting , digital fabrication and technology are applied, aiming to redefine the boundaries of luxury and fashion.

Designer: Felipe Fiallo

Producer: Vlad Iron

3D & motion design : SUPERVISUALS

Editing : Olga Mankovskaya, Rustamo Yusupov

Soundtrack: Rustamo Yusupov